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Best wardrobe design in India 2021

A wardrobe is defined as a piece of essential furniture in a room, that houses all the daily needs & belongings. These belongings can include clothing, apparels, accessories, footwear, pieces of jewelry etc. Also, wardrobes are an integral part of any bedroom.  A typical closet is made of its  body, shutters, finish, handles & accessories, …


Best Indian Modular Kitchen Designs 2021

With kitchen being one of the most used part of the home, everyone deserves a glamorous modular kitchen design which let’s them enjoy spending time in. Apart from the functioning appliances also important is that modern kitchen design that you will cherish for years. We at Wooden Street, have come up with different modular kitchen …


Best Bangalore Interior Designs 2021

Interior designers make indoor spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting essential & decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. Building to achieve a healthier & more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. Coloring a powerful design tool in decoration, as well as in interior design, which is …